Don DeLillo has this line I love: "I don't want your candor; I want your soul in a silver thimble." I love it so much, I almost called this podcast The Silver Thimble. But then I tried to imagine saying "Silver Thimble" ten times fast, and that was the end of that.

So, I mean, listen. There are other interview shows out there. There are other shows out there about art and culture. And some of these shows are great. (Some kind of suck, but I digress.) If I'm tossing my hat in the ring, I should have a reason.

My reason is: I haven't exactly heard the show I'd like to listen to.

  • I'd like to hear people talk about good novels, challenging authors, beautiful language. (I'm a little tired of the only books entering the cultural consciousness being glorified Young Adult fiction.)
  • I'd like to hear people discuss new and old music in the context of its creation and enjoyment. (I'm a little tired of the same old warhorses popping their heads out of the sand only when they release a new record.)
  • I'd like to hear people offer up insights into great films and the filmmaking process. (I'm a little tired of superhero movies.)
  • I'd like to hear people celebrate the great and original stuff you can find on TV when you dig. (I'm more than a little tired of most of what passes for major network "programming.")

So that's why I wanted to start The Juggernaut...as a place where we could all walk in the footsteps of giants: fill in blind spots, understand artistic processes, feel connected to genius. No podcast is going to accomplish all this at once, but my hope is that, brick by brick, we start building a place where we can all convene and connect.

Man. That sound New Age-y enough for you?