Given the nature of my day job, I'm guessing you found The Juggernaut via my other gig, The Harris Football Podcast. Am I right? Probably I'm right. But hopefully, you were curious, and you've heard me talk about music and movies and books and TV here and there on my football show, and so here you are.

So what gives?

Well, I'm pretty busy with my other show, and I'm eternally grateful that I get to earn a living talking about the NFL. But a boy cannot survive on football alone. I love "art," and spend a ton of my time thinking about it, reading about it, arguing about it, and even making it. That clearly has leaked through during my years of covering the NFL, because I get dozens of requests per month from folks who want a book recommendation, or who want to know if I've seen a certain new movie, or who think I'd like a favorite band of theirs.

In fact, many fans have suggested that I create a show exclusively about that stuff.

I took a first step in March 2016, when I devoted an entire offseason episode of the HFP to my Top 10 Favorite Novels of all time. (You still can click over to HarrisFootball and listen; it's the 3/7/16 edition.) Some people liked it! But I also realize that an audience expecting mostly football talk should mostly get football talk. So if I wanted to do more culture content, I knew I should start a separate show.

Thus was The Juggernaut born!

From a business perspective, I'll be taking a more circumspect approach with this show. I'm not committing to a regular schedule, and I'm not even trying to sell ads, not at first. (Part of selling ads is committing to a regular schedule!) I hope to put out an episode once per week; sometimes it may be more frequent than that, sometimes less. This will certainly be a labor almost exclusively of love, not profit.

But that's okay! In a culture landscape where it seems most things need be done for love rather than money, why should a podcast covering that landscape be any different? I'll be interviewing folks about that, and about the art that makes them happy/sad/angry/inspired. To be honest, I don't know exactly what to expect. But I thank you for coming along!